Dermapen 4

The Dermapen 4 is a medical device developed by Equipmed, an Australian company. It utilizes electric control to adjust the length and speed of ultra-fine needles, creating numerous tiny punctures in the skin. This process enhances the skin’s wound healing response and promotes the production of collagen and elastin, leading to improvements in skin texture and the treatment of scars.


Recommended for individuals who

  • Enlarged pores
  • Redness
  • Desire for improved firmness
  • Desire for refined skin texture
  • Fine lines
  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Comedonal acne

ABOUTProcedure Overview

Procedure Duration 30-60 minutes
Treatment Interval Every 3-4 weeks, approximately 6-12 sessions
Pain ★★☆☆☆ (Individual variation may occur)
Cleansing After 12 hours
Shower Immediately after
Makeup After 24 hours
Anesthesia Topical anesthesia for 30 minutes

PRICEPrice List

DermPen + Growth factor ¥33,000
DermPen + Massage Peel (Velvet Skin) ¥44,000
DermPen + Uber Peel ¥44,000

FLOWTreatment Process

  1. STEP1Consultation and Examination

    We will carefully listen to your concerns and preferences while assessing the current condition of your skin.

  2. STEP2Cleansing and Facial Cleansing

    We will thoroughly remove makeup, creams, and other products through cleansing and facial cleansing.

  3. STEP3Surface Anesthesia

    Surface anesthesia will be applied to the entire face. Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect.

  4. STEP4Treatment

    The Dermapen will be used while applying the medication to penetrate the skin.

  5. STEP5Cooling and Aftercare

    The medication will be wiped off, and a cooling process will be conducted. Optional soothing packs may be applied. You will be allowed to leave without performing any further skincare routine.


・Please make sure to protect yourself from UV radiation.
・You may experience a tingling sensation and redness that can last for a few hours.
・There is a possibility of experiencing skin peeling approximately one week after the treatment.
・Results may vary from person to person.
・The treatment may be declined based on the physician's assessment.
・Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should refrain from undergoing the procedure.
・If you have received any cosmetic treatments within the past month, please inform us as it may affect your eligibility for the procedure.
※For more detailed information, please contact the clinic directly.